Research Subjects

1. Development of TOMBO (TOhoku Mixed-Basis Ab Initio Simulation Program Package)
You can download a pdf file fo an explanation of TOMBO created by Prof. Kaoru Ohno

2. Basic Theoretical Researches on Physics and Chemistry
(1) Origin of magnetism
(2) Origin of chemical bonds
You can download a pdf file which clearly indicates that after 90 years we have confirmed that the Prof. Slater's perturbation theory is incorrect!

3. Theoretical Study on Gas Storage Materials

4. Theroretical Study on Nano-carbon Materials, penta-graphene, etc.
5. Theoretical Study on Cements
6. Theoretical Study on Super-Magnetostriction Materials
7. Creation and Distribution of Materials Database by Landolt-Boernstein Series, Springer
(1) Nonequilibrium Phase Materials
(2) Magnetic Materials
(3) High Pressure Materials